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Finding the right match is specialist work. that is why we have set up our specialised divisions. special departments in which our experts match particular jobs and talents with each other. each division knows its sector inside out and that increases your chance of success.

let's work office

Office worker? Then you have come to the right place at Let's Work Office: secretariat, sales, administration, marketing, ... Every candidate goes through a fixed Let's Work trajectory: thorough screening, CEBIR tests and reference checks, so that you, as a consultant, get a correct picture of your wishes and talents. The perfect basis for a match made in heaven!

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let's work food

Peak periods dictate the food industry's agenda. Freshly harvested vegetables, straight from the field, must be processed immediately. And in good weather those BBQ packages need to be in the shops as quickly as possible. That is why the food industry counts on flexible temporary workers from Let's Work.

The fastest way to suitable reinforcement in busy periods.

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let's work international

Let's Work looks beyond national borders for the right professional. For example, we help strong profiles from Moldova and Romania to find a suitable job in our country. In doing so, we support both the candidate and the client to ensure a smooth integration. That makes Let's Work International the perfect solution for bottleneck professions.

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let's work construct

The construction sector requires technical profiles. Fortunately, a targeted, personal approach is in our DNA. We do not believe in databases, but in the power of people. We know our clients and candidates through and through and that's what's needed to find the right match. Moreover, things have to go fast in construction. That is why we are flexible and react quickly.

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let's work technics

Machines are one. Keeping them in top condition is two. No reliable installations without strong technical talent. And for that we move stones. Technical potential? Then we bring that out to our candidates. For a strong technical match, get the most out of our company and candidates network.

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let's work industry

Let's Work  Industry focuses on three pillars: logistics, technique and production. We link the right profile to the right company through active and focused searching. At Let's Work we prefer one job or candidate that matches 100% rather than 15 profiles or companies that match 60%. What's more, we are committed to finding a suitable job for every talent.

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