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Your first steps in Belgium: what you need to know

Checklist for your first steps in Belgium

  1. Is your first working day in Belgium arranged? Book your flight ticket or sort out your transport to Belgium.

  2. Upon your arrival in Belgium, Let’s Work International will take care of transportation to your new home.

  3. You will get to know your housemates and furnish your new place.

  4. The day after your arrival, we will plan a meeting in your Let's Work office to go through all the steps with you. In this way, we will guide you through the first days..

  5. First, we will explain how to register your stay at the Town Hall..

  6. Then, we will help you open a bank account in Belgium into which your wages will later be paid.

  7. Also important: you will make an appointment with a health insurer to sort out your health insurance.

  8. You have now taken care of the most important administrative obligations.

  9. Time to prepare for your new job.


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