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Improve your intake with bottleneck profiles from Romania or Moldova

Bottleneck profiles are no longer recruited exclusively from the immediate vicinity. Let's Work International has been recruiting strong candidates in Romania and Moldova for 10 years. People who are committed to expanding a career in a new country. This translates into a high involvement on the work floor, enthusiasm and focus.

Accessible expertise

You bring in skills that further stimulate the growth of your company. Thanks to Let's Work International, foreign expertise is more accessible than you might think. Intensive accompaniment is crucial and we take care of that. In this way we guarantee a successful start and smooth cooperation.

Accompaniment right to the work floor

Candidates who take the step to work in Belgium are informed right down to the last detail. Let's Work International accompanies them right to the work floor and ensures that every training activity runs smoothly. Is an extra word in Romanian or Moldavian necessary? Then our native speakers will provide an additional explanation so that crucial information or important nuances are not lost.

Permanent employment after interim period

More than 200 companies now work together with Romanian or Moldovan colleagues who were accompanied by Let's Work International. Most of them are now permanently employed by our clients. Because permanent employment is the ultimate goal for both our candidates and our clients.

Have you been looking for some time for bottleneck profiles to strengthen your team? Then ask about the 2500 experts in the Let's Work International network.

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