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3 trump cards that guarantee a successful cooperation

1. Strong bond of trust with our candidates

Recruiting candidates and accompanying them to a new life requires intensive accompaniment. This is how we get to know the candidates in all their facets. Motives, strengths and ambitions: we bring them into focus. We set clear expectations and explain every step that needs to be taken. In this way, we literally set candidates on the road in Belgium and we are the first point of contact for every practical question. That creates a bond of trust and that counts.

2. Rapid integration thanks to our native speakers

Every candidate communicates fluently in English; that is a basic requirement. But that does not alter the fact that adding an extra nuance now and again in your mother tongue helps to stimulate a smooth integration. Every colleague at Let's Work International is a native Romanian or Moldavian speaker with a very good knowledge of Dutch. That is why we gladly translate training courses, documents or evaluation interviews into the native language of our candidates. Would our presence help on the work floor? We are happy to come along.

3. Truely committed

Building a new life in another country is not something that happens overnight. Those who take the step make a well-considered choice and commit themselves immediately to their new employer. And you too make a conscious choice for your new employee. You get to know the candidate early on in the application procedure and the candidate gets a clear insight into the job and the company culture. If the candidate takes the plunge, you can count on a loyal colleague who will do everything to make the employment a success.

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