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Coronavirus: Q&A

1. Can I claim force majeure because of Corona?

- Were you working at the start of the corona crisis?
- Can you not work because the company for which you work is suffering because of the crisis?
- After the corona measures, can you start working again at the company?

→ 3x YES?

You are entitled to temporary unemployment.

→ 1x NO?

You are not entitled to temporary unemployment.

2. How much is my benefit?

• For the days that you work:
    - You get your normal wages

• Days under temporary unemployment:
   - You receive a benefit of 70% of your wage.
      (5% more than a normal benefit)
      (max. 2754.76 euro/month)
    - 5.63 euro/unemployment day extra benefit through RVA.
      (both subject to a withholding tax of 26.75%)

3. What do I need to do?

• Your consultant will give you a document C3.2, specifically provided for the corona crisis. Enter your personal details on the document and fill in your first day of unemployment. Make sure to discuss this with your consultant.
• Send the completed C3.2 document to the Auxiliary Fund for Unemployment Benefits (HVW) or to the trade union of which you are a member. You can do this digitally.

4. When do I receive my benefit?

• Due to the volume of applications, we expect the benefits to be in your account by the middle of next month.

5. May I still work as a flexi-worker?

• Yes, your benefit lapses as soon as you have worked 3 hours.

6. When can I return to work?

• It all depends on the measures that the government takes. We will have to wait and see how they evolve and what this means for businesses. As long as we do not know when businesses will return to a normal rhythm, we cannot give a concrete answer.

Questions about your administration, vacancies or long-term prospects?
Then call or mail us on 056 24 15 58 covid19@letswork.be.

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